Intent and Energy

Fuel Your Passion and Unlock Potential

Learn to Use Intent and Calm Balanced Energy

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A calm balanced compassionate leader offers their horse stability, safety, security and a relationship built on mutual trust. Horses thrive with training that uses intention, energy, focus, direction, patience and correct timing. Therefore an essential skill to develop when working with horses is the ability to read, project and absorb intent and energy. A horse lacking a respected human herd leader can, when asked to interact with humans, become unbalanced and exhibit unwanted behaviours. The starting point for refined horsemanship is to learn how to achieve a centred balanced energy along side a quiet mind, body and voice before technique is applied.

Horses can struggle with energy imbalance due to environmental factors, previous negative experiences, prior inappropriate training methods, anxiety, stress etc... The key to helping them is to tap into using intent and energy to communicate more effectively and in turn help the horse develop a calm balanced energy. 

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Many people that I meet are excellent horse people, clearly skilled, yet struggling with their horse. Some find it hard to switch off from their lives packed with fast paced stimuli, heavy responsibilities, never ending to do list, etc….they feel the strong urge to always be doing. You see in their horsemanship they are unaware of the impact their busy energy has on their horse. Others it is the high levels of anxiety and stress from non equine matters affecting their state of mind and energy, in turn it becomes highly damaging to their equine relationship. There are many blocks people unwittingly bring to their horsemanship. Many have lost touch with simply being, slowing down, doing nothing, relaxing, being calm and finding inner peace.

Horses have evolved to read, understand, communicate and react to intent and energy within the herd and from other species including predators. I demonstrate and teach people about this. To introduce this I send different intents and energies which they can feel down a rope held between us. It is a revelation for them to feel it and understand how infectious and powerful it is to a horse. You can learn how to read, apply, absorb and project energy using core breathing techniques. The intent and energy prefixes eye contact, body language and physical touch.      

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Here is some simple homework to practice away from your horse: Being bored. I am not talking about being lazy. To sit still until boredom helps you notice your own thoughts, feelings, breathing pattern, inner struggles and your energy. The beauty of this it teaches you to recognize your personal blocks. You can then take personalised targeted action to address these.

People and horses can actively practice relaxation to get in touch with their mind and balanced energy. It is not easy, it takes time, dedication and seeing it as a priority in life. Relaxation can enable higher achievement, better communication, open minds and fuel creativity. It enables faster, clearer learning plus easier problem solving. It takes the drama out of situations. Relaxation leads to better understanding, control of emotions, and a balanced state of mind and energy.

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eye horse chestnut Horsemanship communication is dialogue, prefixing an appropriate request with intent and energy before eye contact, body language a soft light physical touch. Given practice touch is often not required. Harmony is what everyone is looking for with their horse and the key to unlocking this and realising potential is for you and your horse to work together with calm relaxed balanced energies.     

There are techniques you can actively practice. Here are a few to get you started:-

  • Live in the moment. Let go of past and future concerns. When not checked they can lead to energy blocks such as anxiety, stress and frustration.
  • Practice being patient. Think of all the daily opportunities. 
  • Use cognitive behavioural techniques to re-shape your thinking and quiet your mind. Your thoughts are a powerful tool, learn to use them positively.  
  • Each day give yourself a quiet and peaceful time. Actively relax, there are lots of methods to try, meditation, breathing techniques, visualisation etc…
  • Let go of the need to prove yourself to others.
  • Stop focusing on the imperfections, flaws, or what needs fixing.
  • Stop blaming yourself, others, or your horse and cut yourself some slack.
  • Lighten up and learn to have fun.
  • Redefine your equine meaningful accomplishments. Remind yourself it is only your horse’s opinion that matters. 
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You perfect what you practice. Learn how to actively practice a calm balanced energy and a peaceful mind. Notice how horsemanship can be transformed but other areas of your life will benefit too.  

Horsemanship - Without two way open communication there is no relationship; without mutual respect there is no love; without trust there is no path towards unlocking potential. Tap into using intent and calm balanced energy and take your horsemanship to another level.
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